Steps for a Splendid Life

Sometimes the simplest steps are the most difficult. These simple steps have helped me in all areas of my life — health, relationships, and business. Hope they help you as well.

Listen to your inner voice.
There is so much that we already know if we just stop and listen. Our inner voice is divine. Trust the divinity within you. Make time to listen.

Follow directions.
Find your own unique way to get guidance and follow it. You can use inspirational cards, daily affirmations, free writing, brainstorming with friends, books or music. Take a small step and you’ll begin to see the power of following directions. If you are unsure, ask for more guidance. It will come. I promise.

Take the step that’s before you and don’t leap ahead.
All of us have ideas, big ideas, overwhelming ideas. Don’t worry about the big ideas, just take the step that you can take today. You never know where it may lead. Have faith in the little steps.

Do good works and do them invisibly.
We are all on this planet to help each other. Do what you can to help, but do it so even your left hand doesn’t know what your right hand has done. Try to leave your ego out of the mix.

Don’t be attached to outcomes.
My favorite and most liberating step. Sometimes we can not see the true outcome of our actions. I have found that most often our actions lead to unexpected benefits. Allow that flexibility. Don’t limit yourself by becoming attached to outcomes.

Check your motivations.
Always check your motivations for taking an action or saying something. Do you need/want people to like you, to think you are special, to think you are a good person? What is your motivation? Simply notice your motivation. You don’t even have to change it. It will change just from the act of observation.

Ask for help from the divine source.
Any source, any way. Pray, chant, meditate. Go to a Church, a Temple, a Mosque, into nature, onto a beach, on top of a mountain. Go anywhere, do anything, but remember to ask for help. There is help available to all of us, we simply need to ask for it. In my experience the more often the better. Daily works too.

Enjoy the gift of life.
Be joyful in the blessings of the day. Notice the sky. Smell the flowers. Be aware and attentive.

Instead of controlling, try observing.  Surrender to the unfolding of the events in your life. Who knows what’s behind curtain number 2.

Find a way to share the understanding and wisdom you have. We are all here to learn and teach. You are a teacher above all. We are all part of a chain. None of us gets to the finish line without the others.

Have patience and compassion for those who do not yet see their truth, their divinity.
It is easy to get impatient with those who do not see how special they are. Who don’t see what we see. Show them compassion, and the shift in your energy will shift them.

Understand that all people in your life are part of the divine path.
All our relationships are important for our growth. Appreciate every relationship in your life for what it has taught you. Honor each person. Even people we meet on the street are important. All people in our path carry with them important information. Listen. Observe. Be open.

Show no judgments.
Sometimes we are so quick to judge ourselves and others. It really is a waste of energy and time. Accept yourself. You are incapable of being anything but that which you are.  Don’t assume you know the right way to BE. Simply observe yourself and others. You know not what you judge.

I hope these steps help you live a Splendid Life.

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  1. Sharon Sexton says:

    Please add me to your e-mail distribution list.
    I attended your November session at the Bernardsville library.
    I am a friend of Bonnie Bradford.
    I am interested in your Thursday evening Meditation in Basking Ridge.
    Please let me know dates.
    THanks, Sharon

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