I Love to Meditate

I love to meditate and I do so every morning. It helps me feel grounded and connected and settled. Sometimes I do it for just a few minutes and other times I take my time. The good news is that I find the same benefits each time. Longer does not mean better. Hooray.

Sometimes my meditation practice is full of candles and solitude, other times I sit in nature and forget where I am, but most days I meditate in the morning in bed, just sitting, and breathing and being. Most mornings it feels like no effort, just a short pause between non-physical and physical. It’s easy and comfortable, just the way I like it.

However what I love most is meditating with a group. I love the experience of “out of many, one.” There is something magical about a group guided meditation. When we come into the room, we walk in with our own unique energy, thoughts and concerns, yet within minutes our energies start to blend and our edges start to soften.

During meditation, our thoughts combine for a singular experience. Soon there is no difference between us and we become one unit, one breath, one experience. It is a miraculous thing we do. Out of many, one. Our group feels safe and united. There is not just peace, but harmony.

When we return from our adventure and bring our attention back to our bodies again, I often smile because it feels like we are, as individuals, coming out of a pool of oneness. It is a beautiful experience to come together and to come apart, like a lotus flower opening. Although individual petals, we are part of the same flower.

Then when we share our experiences, it is even more glorious as we put to words that which is unique to us and that which is the same. Amazing.

I thank you for giving me an opportunity to experience oneness with you. Each time we meditate our experience is unique to that group and I am always eager to see where our group energy takes us. I truly can’t wait to see you.

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